Got kids? Well you're in the right place. I am a Gulf Breeze, FL based photographer but I travel all over to shoot. I have worked with children for almost 20 years and about 80% of my work is photographing kids and families along the beautiful Gulf Coast. I prefer to shoot on location using natural light, minimal props and always genuine smiles.

Some random facts about me : I am originally from New Orleans and get back as often as possible, have 4 amazing kids, must eat chocolate daily, hate wearing high heeled shoes, am clumsy and randomly goofy, worst speller ever, a huge fan of unconventional punctuation-... smileys :-) and !!!!, and I absolutely love what I do!
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"1/60th of a second- the moment is either gone forever or captured for generations, that is the magic of a camera."-Mally

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lilli- Pensacola Senior Portrait Photographer- Mally Photography

 photo Cri-8-15_-0311-2 retouched-WEB_zpsvbpno5g1.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0002-retouched-WEB_zpsmg37vxvy.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0004-retouched-Web_zpsuyrmugw9.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0013-Edit layers larger-Web_zpsd2vwxz21.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0024-retouched-cropped-Web_zpstgds8mbe.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0044-retouched-Web_zpssihx22ik.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0088-retouched-WEB_zps09yftdyu.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0098-retouched-WEB_zpsvrwk4tqt.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0103-retouched-Web_zpsjozq541v.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0127-retouched-Web_zpsfhxqfyov.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0128-2 retouched-WEB_zpspeividlq.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0148-retouched-WEB_zpsmgas8hps.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0158-retouched-WEB_zpssskyioot.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0180-retouched-web_zpsn0mmbe36.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0197-retouched-WEB_zpsygcwiena.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0244-2 retouched-WEB_zpsuovpscms.jpg

 photo Cri-8-15_-0306-retouched-WEB_zpsskvdfl8r.jpg

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