Got kids? Well you're in the right place. I am a Gulf Breeze, FL based photographer but I travel all over to shoot. I have worked with children for almost 20 years and about 80% of my work is photographing kids and families along the beautiful Gulf Coast. I prefer to shoot on location using natural light, minimal props and always genuine smiles.

Some random facts about me : I am originally from New Orleans and get back as often as possible, have 4 amazing kids, must eat chocolate daily, hate wearing high heeled shoes, am clumsy and randomly goofy, worst speller ever, a huge fan of unconventional punctuation-... smileys :-) and !!!!, and I absolutely love what I do!
Take a look around, leave a comment or two and give me a call- I'd love to meet you!

"1/60th of a second- the moment is either gone forever or captured for generations, that is the magic of a camera."-Mally

"Mom-tography" Photo Class

Kids grow up fast, and they move even faster. You bought a digital camera so you could capture all of those moments but you find yourself completely overwhelmed with all of the buttons and end up with lackluster photos that leave you longing for more. With a digital “mom-tography” photo class from Mally Photography, you’ll learn to capture your child’s precious memories like a pro. I will teach you the basics of composition, lighting and editing in easy to understand language that will give you the confidence to venture out of “auto” mode. While we will learn the basic of how your camera works, this class is geared for parents, not photographers, so you will not be overwhelmed with a bunch of technical lingo that will confuse and frustrate you. Even though this class is called a "mom-tography"- Dads and beginner photo enthusiasts are always welcome :-)
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to reserve your class time:
Mally 850-393-8155

2 hour class- $150    Class size is limited, you must reserve your class time

Classes will be held in downtown Pensacola on the following dates:

                Pensacola:                                          Fairhope:
March 12th           10:00am-12 Noon           3:00pm-5:00p.m    
June 25th              10:00am-12 Noon           3:00pm-5:00p.m  
September 24th    10:00am-12 Noon           3:00pm-5:00p.m  
November 5th       9:30am-11:30                 2:00pm-4:00p.m    

*******You must reserve your class time and date. In order to maintain manageable class sizes walk-ins are not allowed. Additional classes may be added as necessary to regulate class size. Classes must have a minimum of 5 participants or it will be canceled and you will get to choose another date. Reschedules may be accommodated once with a minimum of 24 hour notice or you risk loosing your voucher. No refunds will be given for no-shows. **********